myKryptofon Video Library

Choose the video below and watch myKryptofon in action – from the most simple features to the powerful and more complicated capabilities.

Before you knew of someone named Edward Snowden, the world already had plenty of cyber-terrorism, rogue elements attacking us, and a diminishing amount of privacy. He shed even more light on many issues. Our privacy then was decaying at a rapid rate, and still is. Some say it's gone. Not true when you use myKryptofon.

This video made in the summer of 2013 what the world was before we knew more details. The video demonstrates It will demonstrates how bad things already where, and display the concerns of that year, when some of us still believed in personal privacy.

A review of the many myKryptofon features.

This video shows how simple it is to make or receive a secure audio call.

Perform a 3-way secure text chat with myKryptofon, like no one else can.

This video shows the simplicity of taking a secure picture with myKryptofon, and share it with another myKryptofon instance securely.

A demonstration of the Panic feature embedded in myKryptofon - where a user can declare duress to a predefined administrator.

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