TEAMTrack is a secure tracking solution utilizing the myKryptofon Android application and our cloud server. Each myKryptofon Android transmission is encrypted with our proprietary encryption mechanism through the myKryptofon server, to the TEAMTrack mapping application running on Windows.

TEAMTrack provides real-time geographical depiction of configured myKryptofon Android devices. These devices utilize 28 GPS satellites to triangulate location. If a device is out of satellite view, the nearest cell phone towers will be utilized to provide triangulation. myKryptofon reports TEAMTrack data from smart devices and is capable of receiving more than location.

TEAMTrack World Map wPanic
TEAMTrack map on Windows

TEAMTrack is designed to display the following:

  • Status – Online, Inactive / Offline
  • 911 Duress Alert or All Clear
  • Accuracy in meters
  • Location – Lat / Long
  • Battery percentage of the device
  • Speed in MPH and Direction
  • Network Connection – Cellular or Wi-Fi or BGAN
  • Time Stamp in GMT