If you are anything like us, you’ll do your homework before you try something new. Hey, we get that! We’ll even make it convenient -We have listed below a handful of quick points about the myKryptofon secure mobile application for you to review. We didn’t want to get too technical though as- let’s face it- most of us aren’t exactly top level security expert. Lots of other “secure” apps will dazzle you with fancy technical words. That’s not really our style though. We speak English. However, for the tech expert that will need to know all all the nuts and bolts about the secure mobile application – Read More on Veiled Technology

Privacy Features

  • End to end encryption.
  • Each communication is uniquely encrypted at military grade levels… and even we don’t have the keys!
  • Voice communications go direct from device to device and NOT through a server.
  • No back doors.
  • No record that a call or text has even occurred.
  • No record of location data from either device.
  • No record of time or account information.
  • No rogue governments or organizations have the ability to listen in or record your communications.
  • We collect no information about your usage and who you called (we don’t even have the ability to).

Security features

  • Communications are doubly encrypted within myKryptofon - 2 layers of AES 256 bit encryption.
  • The receiving device is the only device that knows the encryption key to decrypt the incoming message.
  • Communications are direct between two endpoints- enhancing clarity, speed, and performance.
  • All telecommunications meta-data encrypted and secured.

Easy to use

  • myKryptofon was built with privacy requirements and simplicity of use as the two highest priorities. There’s nothing you have to do to add security to a call or a text chat.  Just select the person in your Contacts list, select the action, and you are secure communication!  It's as EASY as your regular phone!
  • Install the myKryptofon application and be up and running in less than 1 minute.
  • Works with both WiFi and cellular data service, choosing the best path for you communications.
  • Works in 2G and 3G environments as well as 4G LTE environments.

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