Secure Communications - myKryptofon

Secure Communications

myKryptofon CommunicationsThe core features of myKryptofon are centered around secure voice, text and data moving between one myKryptofon instance to another.  This totally incubates you from anyone eavesdropping on your communications.
  • Voice - Secure voice calls between you and another myKryptofon instance.
  • Voice Conferencing - Secure voice calls between you and 2 or more myKryptofon instances.
  • Chat (Text) - Secure text communications between you an another myKryptofon instance.
  • Chat Conferencing- Secure text communications between you and 2 or more myKryptofon instances.
  • File Transfer - Secure file transfer between you and another myKryptofon instance.
  • Group File Transfer - Secure file transfers between you and 2 or more myKryptofon instances.
  • Pictures - take secure encrypted pictures.
  • Picture Transfers - transfer secure pictures after tacking them, either right away or sometime later.
  • Auto Secure Shredding - securely delete pictures immediately after a picture is transferred or after X minutes.
  • No Transaction History - no history an any secure communications or action.
  • Microphone protection - if myKryptofon detects another process using the microphone, secure voice communications will not connect, or will drop if already in a secure call.

Situational Awareness

ttradar-152091065-100myKryptofon adds features allowing you to designate a tracking person should you find yourself in a precarious situation.  Your designed person will instantly know you are in duress and require assistance when you declare a Panic alert.
  • User Panic Declaration Capability - If a situation arises for the user, said user can declare a panic to a preassigned administrator.
  • Silent and Hidden Panic Initiation - The user can declare panic with hardware buttons on the smartphone.
  • Automated GPS Transmission & Notification - if admin requires interval based updates of the GPS location of the smartphone, myKryptofon has the option to turn on a TEAMTrack tracking feature.
  • TEAMTrack Map Based Tracking - if the admin requires, TEAMTrack GPS tracks can be visualized on a Windows TEAMTrack mapping application.
    • Normal - standard tracking every 30 seconds.
    • Panic - smaller interval tracking if the user has declared Panic.  Not only will another myKryptofon instance (admin) receive the Panic, but the Panic status will appears on the TEAMTrack mapping app.

Advanced Networking

myKryptofon Advanced NetworkingmyKryptofon works in several internet connected or independent networking configurations, as well as protect local sniffers from determining your physical location.
  • Supports multiple network configurations:
    • 2G
    • 3G
    • 4G
    • WiFi
    • Satellite BGAN
  • Anti-Triangulation - With the use of a reverse proxy network configuration, users many connect to several global locations and communication with each other globally or in a tight region, without any network information leaving a trace of the communication.  This makes communications to another myKryptofon instance, invisible to a perpetrator.
  • Internet Based or Stand Alone Network Based:
    • Communication over the internet.
    • Communicate over an off-net, stand alone communications network (e.g. MANET).
  • Supports Multiple Accounts on Multiple Servers - myKryptofon can communication to server servers from a single licenses instance.
  • Supports Multiple Profiles - Connect to different servers for communications with different functional groups:
    • Work.
    • Personal.

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