Cifercom was created in 2013 with the focus of developing solutions for secure communications.  With myKryptofon as the launch, Cifercom has delivered unprecedented security protecting data while in transport between 2 or more myKryptofon endpoints.  This is COMPLETE endpoint to endpoint encryption, with 100% unique encryption keys on each new communication session.

Our Values

Cifercom believes in the personal rights granted to us by the 1st and 4th Amendments of the United States Constitution. We interpret that to mean that no rogue governments or organizations should be listening to or recording your conversations.

It’s Your Voice!

All too often today, clandestine forces intercept our phone calls and text messages for their own use personal use and agenda.

It’s Your Privacy!

Our goal in providing the myKryptofon services is to STOP this ever growing concern by bring privacy back to average, law abiding citizen.

It’s Your LIFE!

We have developed and built this service with no funding from any government based group nor through corporate sponsorship… Just good ol’  fashion hard work, ingenuity and some elbow grease. You’ll find a new level of comfort, confidence, and privacy in myKryptofon!