Secure Communications - we've got itPermission to speak Freely…GRANTED!

Hollywood loves to tell stories about hackers and overreaching shadow governments listening into our conversations with dubious intent. As Americans, we love scary stories, but in 2013 we learned that the story was even more frightening than we had previously thought.  And now, in 2016, Hollywood has made a movie about this…

In a world where we KNOW that our conversations and communications are being monitored, confidence in our privacy is difficult to come by….UNTIL NOW!!!

Introducing mkf12-logo-400– a TRULY secure mobile voice encryption for your Android device – built specifically to restore that confidence.
Our truly secure end-to-end voice encryption application for your Android device or Windows PC means that your conversations remain strictly secure between you and the person you are speaking with.  There is no third party listeners when the call is connected.  Calls are point to point, with complete & unique end to end encryption.

Private and Secure Voice Calls

Voice calls are doubly encrypted end-to-end, without going through a server. They are direct calls from one devie to another. Calls work over cellular, WiFi and satellite with excellent audio fidelity.

All parties on a cell are pre-authenticated. If the person being called is a trusted party, the call connects.

Private and Secure Text Messaging

Text communications between smartphones, tables and PC are all secured with double encryption. Text can be driect to one person in your Contact List, or can be with several people in your Contact list. Simply pick the users, and click on the chat button.

myKryptofon delivers group chats, not jsut direct chats as others do.

Secure Conference Calling

Conference calls are started on one myKryptofon client, connecting to others. The initiator of the call has control of who is on the call, who can hear whom, take action (e.g. disconnet) a conference member, etc. We have full conference call capabilities within myKryptofon, regardless of the network others a connected to.

Secure Pcitures and Transfers

myKryptofon provides the ability to take secure photos within the the application, allowing for a user to store the encrypted photo on the device, or, send it to another myKryptofon user.  The photo on the device can be instantly wiped or bleached after it has successfully been sent - or not.  This is a user's discretion.

Panic Alerts

myKryptofon delivers the ability to alert a predefined user of a distress situation. The person receiving the alert is aware of the GPS location, whether the panicked user is stationary or moving, if moving in which direction, speed and altitude, what network they are connected to, what battery life is in the device, pictures from the front and back cameras, etc. The person receiving the alert can determine the correct course of action.

Complete Privacy

All communication action taken by the user in myKryptofon are not logged, anywhere! There is no trace of a communication on devices or servers, no tracking or logging. With the double encryption applied, the type of communication and wll as the content is fully out of sight from anyone, any bad actor, on the internet.

User Invisible Security

Secure communications simply occur in myKryptofon. There's nothing else for a user to do establish or answer the communication session. Forget the days of passwords or PINS. That's history! There's no decision for the user to make - all communications are encrypted.

Parallelized Secure Communications

With myKryptofon, one can be in a call, a chat, a file transfer, a panic alert, and more simultaneously, each using a different encryption key. Every communications session negotiates a different encryption key for each session. When a session completes, the key is effectively bleached or wiped leaving no knoweledge that it even existed.

TEAMTrack - Asset Tracking

If an organization requires more than simple secure communications, myKryptofon has added the sending of device tracking information to a central administrator. This allows the administrator to track location and if the devices is set to Panic, all of the Panic information. Viewing this information on a global map is on the TEAMTrack application on a Windows computer.