Permission to speak Freely…GRANTED!

Hollywood loves to tell stories about hackers and overreaching shadow governments listening into our conversations with dubious intent. As Americans, we love scary stories, but in 2013 we learned that the story was even more frightening than we had previously thought.  And now, in 2016, Hollywood has made a movie about this…

In a world where we KNOW that our conversations and communications are being monitored, confidence in our privacy is difficult to come by….UNTIL NOW.

Introducing mkf12-logo-400– a TRULY secure mobile voice encryption for your Android device – built specifically to restore that confidence.
Our truly secure end-to-end voice encryption application for your Android device means that your conversations remain strictly secure between you and the person you are speaking with.  There is no third party listeners when the call is connected.  Calls are point to point, with complete & unique end to end encryption – so there is no way for anyone else to possibly listen in to your conversation!